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Title:  Untitled #2 (Original Painting)



An abstract and slightly figurative portrayal of skin cells under a microscope; where we came from, where we are, and where we might be in the future...


During human's divergence from apes, we began to develop different skin tones to adapt to UV exposure in different climates around the globe. Humans in areas with more sun exposure developed darker skin pigmentation and cooler climates with less UV exposure developed a lighter pigmented skin tone. Through extensive genetic research in modern humans and archaic hominins, we are learning why, when, and how skin tones have evolved. From a visual aspect, these physical and genetic traits are a beautiful example of human evolution.


Medium: Acrylic Medium, Acrylic Paint on Stretched Canvas

Size: 40"W x 60"H x 1.5" D




  • Depending on where the painting is being shipped, special handling fees, insurance, and other costs may apply. Local delivery and installation is free.

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