“Introspect, Red”

Double-layered, HD, crystal clear and UV Protected Acrylic Glass (face and backing) : Floating mount with stainless mounting posts.


If you stand directly in front of this piece, you will see your own reflection in the center of the obscure rock formation... This is a representation of the complexities of human emotions and how we tend to examine (sometimes over-analyze) our internal thoughts and feelings. (1/25, #5-25 available)

Limited Edition of 25 Pieces
Artist: Eric Coan | Size: 14” W x 35” H
Price: $475.00 Shipping Included


Origin of Reproduction:

“Introspect” | 2019

Artist: Eric Coan

Mediums: Charcoal and Graphite Pencil on Artboard

Size: 19.5” W x 36” H (Framed in Glass)

Price Upon Request


A long and jagged rock formation with many complex layers is a representation of the complexities of human emotions and how we tend to examine our own internal state of feelings...

Description of Reproduction:
Limited to 25 pieces, “Introspect, Red” was reproduced on crystal clear, UV protectective, 2 layer HD Acrylic Glass. The original piece was digitally archived and then manipulated to float on top of a vibrant red background. A specific shade of red was carefully chosen for the background as a symbol of the unexplainable energy or “spark” that brings life to all organisms. The finish and complexity of these reproductions have given the original a completely new composition creating a vibrant and stunning example of contemporary artwork. Every individual piece is printed on a high-resolution archival metallic photo paper using the highest quality archival inks creating a luminous and iridescent appearance. Each print is carefully face-mounted onto the back of a hand-polished 1/4” piece of clear acrylic glass with hand-polished edges, finished with another piece of 1/8” acrylic glass adhered to the back. The additional acrylic glass backing creates a vibrant, dramatic appearance. “Introspect, Red” is mounted with 4, stainless steel 5/8” mounting posts, which fit into pre-drilled holes on each corner. Simply attach the posts to your wall, and then attach your piece to the wall.

Each limited edition piece is personally inspected, hand-signed, and numbered by the artist.


Inquiries: eric@ecoanfineart.com


Thank you for your support!


E. Coan

"Introspect, Red" HD Acrylic Glass w/Stainless Mounting Posts