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Eric Coan,

Cultural Awakening of an Octopus


Oil paint on vintage topography map, collage, on wood panel.

18” x 24” x 1.5”s 



A symbolic and imaginative exploration of the themes of intelligence, consciousness, and cultural evolution. An octopus, known for its remarkable intelligence and adaptability, is depicted experiencing a “cultural awakening,” which might imply a transformative realization or development within the creature. This could symbolize a broader commentary on the evolution of consciousness and culture, potentially highlighting the idea that awareness and cultural sophistication are not limited to humans. The painting could be aiming to provoke thoughts about the nature of intelligence, the potential for cultural experiences beyond humanity, and the interconnectedness of life...


Please reach out with inquiries about this artwork or commissions.

Insta: @ericcoan1

Cultural Awakening of an Octopus

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