Title:  "An Assemblage of Ashy Rocks" (Original Painting)


Description: Ashy vocanic-like stones are stacked upon one another in a dark environment. A shimmer of light hits the curvature of the exposed rocks and reveals hints of blues, violets, and whites...


Medium: Acrylic Medium, Acrylic Paint on Stretched Canvas

Size: 40"W x 60"H x 1.5" D


Process: Layers of acrylic colors (mixed with an acylic extender medium) are applied to the canvas from a spray bottle and then dried. The application of paint from the spray bottle creates a heavier texture with a "rain drop effect". A new layer of dark acrylic paint is applied to define the shapes. Once dried, another layer of satin glaze is mixed with dark acrylic paint to create shadows and give the shapes depth & dimension. Subsequent to the final details which are applied with another layer of satin galze and paint, the painting "cures" for a week. The painting is finished and sealed with 3 coats of acrylic varnish (each layer is given time to dry before reapplying). The textures coupled with a low sheen varnish allow natural light to bounce off the painting from various angles.


  • Depending on where the painting is being shipped, special handling fees, insurance, and other costs may apply. Local delivery and installation is free.