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Sumus Maris® ("We Are of the Sea", in Latin) is a new clothing and accessory brand inspired by nature and the outdoor activities which utilize the natural elements. The name is an homage to our vast, beautiful, and mysterious bodies of water, which are an integral part of life on this planet. Clothing, accessories, limited prints, posters and more... Original artwork and design by E. Coan Fine Art. 


Stylish short sleeve, long sleeve, and tank tops by Sumus Maris...


Unique coffee mugs by Sumus Maris to spruce up your morning ritual...


*Coming Soon


Comfy and soft hoodies, sweatshirts, and jackets by Sumus Maris...


Phone cases, stickers, hats, and more by Sumus Maris...


Beach towels, rash guards, bags, and other cool stuff...

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Limited paper and canvas prints by Sumus Maris ( Hand signed by E. Coan)

©2021 by E. Coan Fine Art

All artwork and photography is property of Eric Coan Fine Art. Any unauthorized use is prohibited.