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One of One
Individual pieces which are not part of a collection.


Limited series.

NFTs by ECoan

Art has it's place in the physical and digital world. NFT's have opened up an exciting new environment in which the intrinsic value of art is being scrutinized further than ever before.

My work is not confined to one genre or medium as I like to explore different ideas through painting, sculpture, and digital art. Every NFT is minted as a single, unique piece of artwork which includes an unlockable, high resolution printable version with digital signature exclusively for each owner.

Each ECoan NFT collection will be a limited series ranging from 13 - 100 single pieces and have a starting price of .05 ETH each. 

As I explore the digital art arena in the crypto world, I plan to experiment with my art through animation, illustration stylization, and new ways of blending physical and digital artwork together.

Thank you for your support!

E. Coan

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