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E. Coan

Below the Surface | 36"H X 72"W | Mixed media on stretched canvas

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Inspired by nature, science, and philosophy...

It has taken me years to develop my techniques, but I'm always learning, discovering, and evolving with new materials and subject matter. I'm constantly looking for inspiration, but most of the time it seems to find me... For example, I'm drawn to unusual and unexplained behavior in nature (such as schooling fish, a flock of birds, or a swarm of locusts). There's something mysterious and magical about a  massive school of fish swirling in the ocean, creating beautiful structures, bright reflective colors, and doing it perfectly in sync. I am not confined to one genre, I focus more on the idea of something interesting... How I can create a visual experience that will be aesthetically beautiful, and bring out the beauty in the things that can't be seen as well.

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Eric Coan Fine Art

1907 Sabine Street

Studio #162

Houston, TX 77007

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