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    As a contemporary artist, I strive to find interesting ways to create works which embrace both natural & moral philosophies. Nature, science, and human culture are the main influence of the bulk of my work. As you browse,  you will find pieces of original art, experimental prints, photography, and other examples of my work available to purchase. Among some of my most unique offerings, I have created very limited edition reproductions, which have been produced on HD acrylic glass, metal surfaces, or other mediums to better suit the avant garde nature of my artwork.

Eric Coan, "Untitled #2" | 48" W x 60" H | 2019 ®

Acrylic on Canvas



Eric Coan

   Art & Design have always been my passion and are a large part of who I am. My outlet for creative expression is most often painting and illustration, but I also enjoy translating those into non-traditional mediums. Recently, I decided to leave a long career in real estate to pursue a full time career as artist and designer. Although I was professionally trained in fine art and graphic design, life took me on a different journey. After many years of suppressing my creativity, it was time to pursue my passion and live my dream...

   As a naturally creative person, I am constantly stumbling into new sources of inspiration. In my personal experience, it's a random occurrence in nature, science, or humanity that influences my creations.

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Photo: Eric Coan, Scottish Coastal Town ®
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